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Need an affordable demo for your songwriting project?


Need a full, radio and broadcast-ready track for commercial release?


Need a simple Guitar/Vocal?


Welcome to Blue Amsterdam Studio, located in Nashville, TN!


While specializing in Singer/Songwriter projects for publishers such as Warner Chappell, Sony, Universal, Black River, and countless others, Blue Amsterdam has produced mainstream Pop, Sync, Bluegrass, Country, Hip Hop, CCM, and Rock - so if you've got a base, I can get it covered. 

I can do tracks, provide vocals for your own tracks, use a wide number of vocalists, consult on your songwriting... or any combination of a wide number of services!


Below are samples of some tracks produced at Blue Amsterdam Studio, both demos and commercial releases:  Full Tracks for Country, Pop, and Sync...and Guitar/Vocals as well. I’m happy to work with you on whatever sound you’re going for at a great price! Song consultations, melody consulting and other services available, as well.


(Loops, full drums, bass, acoustic & electric guitar, keys, lead vocals and BGV, and any lead parts necessary. Mixing included.)

(1 to 2 acoustic guitars, vocals (Mason's), and a clap/shaker track, if requested. Mixing included.)


Just as every song is different, every project is different but here are the starting points: for a pitching demo, if you have all the pieces of the song together, the most popular options are:


 Guitar/Vocal (with my vocal): starting at $250

Full Track (drums, percussion, bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, keys): starting at $450 

Commercial release (radio or sync): Customized per project

Mixing: Customized per project


Those rates include my vocal but I'm also happy to use any other vocalists you see fit - it'd just be their rate on top of the production rates just mentioned.  All I'd need from you to get going is a worktape, a lyric sheet, and any particular artist or song that you'd like to aim the sound at.  Let me know if you have any questions!


To discuss and get started with your project, just click below and contact me a pricing inquiry!

And are you not quite sure if your song is ready?  Try a Song Dive with me, where we find out if it is!

Final Delivery

Each mix will be sent via email in an initial mp3 format.  If any adjustments are requested, up to 3 revisions are included.  After the mix is approved, a WAV-format "Final" mix, as well as a "Track" version (no vocals) will be provided via WeTransfer. 

Sync Usage

If track is for sync usage, a producer royalty will be discussed in preproduction to determine a fair rate for the project (does not include or involve publishing royalties)

Stems & Tracks

Individual tracks for each instrument can be provided at an additional cost of $100 per song.

Individual stems can be provided at an additional cost of $50 per song.

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