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Song Consultation and Guidance

A long time ago, in a Nashville far, far away, I was brand new to town, overwhelmed by all the opportunity in the industry, and wandering blindly with no clue where to even BEGIN to start my music career journey.  I sat at home on the couch every night simply because I had no clue what to do or what my best choices were.    


Now, all these years later, after record deals, publishing deals, touring, performing, producing, 7 years as pro mentor with NSAI, giving feedback on tens of thousands of songs, and developing into a self-sustaining pro writer, I now look back at that guy on the couch and wish I could go tell him all the steps I’ve learned along the way!  

If you want honest feedback on your songs, as well as a personalized roadmap to success in the songwriting industry, or if you just have questions about Nashville or the music industry, join me for a consultation and see what we can uncover.  I have experience in pretty much all genres of songwriting, from Country, to Pop, to Rock, to Hip Hop, Bluegrass, and Americana, as well as the ins and outs of furthering your music career from any region or city. 



  • A Song Dive: Personalized critique and commentary of the songs of your choice (1 song is preferable but we can truck through up to 3 if you want to try!)

  • Proven ideas and directions for your song(s) to help develop the fundamentals of arrangement, hook support, imagery, and melodic elements.

  • Discussion, if desired, on how to make headway into the songwriting and music industry as a whole.

  • Sync-industry feedback and discussion

  • A written write-up of the feedback we discuss in the session.

  • A one-sheet of “Industry Truths” that you can apply in any region or market.

  • My opinion and experience.  This is important since music is so subjective and there are no set absolutes in art and creativity.  I am simply an experienced perspective that could help shine some new light and opportunity on your art.

  • Everything I know about the industry, as it pertains to your genre and situation, from contacting publishers, finding cowriters, booking gigs, managing bands, getting records deals, balancing work and home life, and everything in between.  If I don’t have an answer for it, we will find it!




  • B.S.  This is real-world feedback, much like if I were your publisher and we both want to make millions of dollars off of your songs, or if I were your cowriter and I want the music to be the best it can be.

  • Judgment.  No matter what you bring to the table, I have heard far worse (and far better!) so nothing will surprise or scare me.

  • A publishing deal.  This is about the process of writing and not a “get a deal quick” pitch.

  • Phone numbers, email, or contacts for others.  That’s not what this is about.

  • A cowriter. Any ideas I give you are for your own usage and I will not request cowriting, publishing or any ownership of the material we cover.

Session prices:

1 Hour:  $50

3 Hours: $120 (can be divided into separate sessions)


Ave Topel:  Mason Douglas has been producing and arranging demos for me for approximately 5 years now, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Whether it’s creating an Intro lick or motif, Turnaround, adding a Post Chorus or Breakdown or BGV’s, his magic ears, musical chops and skill set consistently take my songs to the next level of professionalism.  Working with and bringing in other vocalists and musicians, Mason is super-accommodating, and I’ve observed music professionals are always delighted to work with him.  Additionally, Mason has also become a wonderful mentor. As a professional wordsmith, his knowledge of song craft has been invaluable for me in both writing and double-checking my work before recording.  Be it a simple guitar or piano vocal to a full band demo, to receiving help writing and arranging a lyric to be all it can be, I can always count on Mason to serve my songs and at super affordable rates.


Ceri UsmarI met with Mason several times over the last few years, and every time I left with a nugget of wisdom, encouragement, or a way to improve a song or just write songs better.  Mason has been around the block a few times, both in and on Music Row, and his knowledge and wisdom have been well-earned.  Both in and on Music Row, and his knowledge and wisdom has been well earned. Whether it’s songwriting, artistry, moving to Nashville (or not), chances are Mason’s gonna be able to shed some honest and helpful light on it.  Also I should mentioned that even in a town full of nice people, Mason stands out as one of the ones I like most.  And that ain’t nothing.

Dan AllenI first was introduced to Mason on a Skype mentoring session for NSAI. Mason evaluated three songs of mine, and from that first session he was able to point out to me advice on form, structure and lyric, which helped me immediately in improving my craft. Mason also told me about places to go to catch some of the best writers rounds in Nashville where I could meet other writers, and to hear the stories behind the songs, to really make the most of my trips the Nashville. It's one thing to have the knowledge, and it's another to be able to share that knowledge as Mason does. Mason is truly a professional. 


Blaine Younger: Mason has been my favorite mentor through the years.  He shoots you straight and always has amazing ideas to make your song better.  Also, his advice and strategy on navigating the industry is very helpful and works.

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