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Project Notes

Track will be based on the worktape tempo, phrasing, and melody unless otherwise requested prior to the start of tracking.  

Any lyric, melody, or arrangement changes post-production will be an additional cost, dependent on the level of the change.

Each mix will be sent via email in an initial mp3 format.  If any MIX adjustments are requested (instrument balancing, volumes, muting, or even anything initially requested that was inadvertently unattended to), up to 3 revisions are included.  After the mix is approved, a WAV-format final mix, as well as a "track" version (no vocals) will be provided via WeTransfer.

Individual tracks for each instrument can be provided at an additional cost of $100 per song.

Individual stems can be provided at an additional cost of $50 per song.

If track is for sync usage, a producer royalty will be discussed in preproduction to determine a fair rate for the project (does not include or involve publishing royalties).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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