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See a bear cave in a front yard? Swim in a guitar-shaped pool? Explore an ancient grotto? Open the mysterious door to nowhere? Get your fortune told by Willie Nelson? See where Pretty Woman was written? Play the piano staircase?

From prehistoric sabretooth fangs, across remnants of Civil War battlefields hidden in plain sight, around the hillside tombs of past presidents, past street corners where chart-toppers have had inspiration for #1s, to the cold stone heart of Music Row, Nashville is full of rich history...but it also has its share of hidden secrets that keep even the locals guessing.

Secret Nashville is an enigmatic tour through the eclectic locations and one-of-a-kind objects scattered across the city and beyond. For the casual visitor to Music City, it offers a much deeper dive into the sightseeing waters...and for the natives, it is the perfect complement to remember the legacies and legends of the area. From the mysteries of the broad skyline silhouette down to the fine white strands of Andrew Jacksons hair, this book explores Nashville in a brand new light, with over 90 unique and compelling obscurities casting the honky tonk neon into the shadows to find the forgotten and unknown lore behind Tennessee's iconic capital city.

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